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Harem Christmas

A man who lands in a Moorish sultanate is given a harem as a gift. Rex Harrison is in this.
This dance sequence is from “King Richard and the Crusaders” (1954). The dancer in this segment is the wonderful Nejla Ates, who was born in Turkey in 1933 and became a highly trained belly dancer. She also appeared in “Son of Sinbad.”

Slave and Harem Girls in Orientalist Paintings

Orientalist Paintings

Slave girl and Harem girl and Orientalist Paintings
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Rudolph Ernst, Arab Ladies on a Terrace at Sunset
Eugene Giraud, A Terrace at the Edge of the Nile
George Antoine Rochegrosse,Harem girls in an Aviary
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Odalisque with a slave
Antonia Garguillo,The Carpet Merchant
George Antoine Rochegrosse, New Arrivals
Giacomo Mantegazza , An Evening of Entertainm
Louis-Emile Pinel de Grandchamp,Emina, Souvenir d’Orient
Ferdinand Roybe,Odalisque (La Sultane)
Rudolph Ernst,The Captives
Leon Francois Comerre,Odalisque
Comerre,Odalisque with a Tambourine
J. Dutey,Preparation of the Tea
Sir Frank Dicksee,Leila 1892
Sir Frank Dicksee,The Mirror
Lord Edwin Weeks, Moorish Girl Lying on a Couch,
Rabat, Morocco