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Slave Girls of Sheba

Slave girls dance and are tortured. Hoping they are the Sultan’s choice.
Sort of two movies for the price of one. Things start with troubles caused by the tyrant Damitrius. We meet up with the film’s two heroes, Dimitri (Jose Suarez), a young man who’s father is hanged and girlfriend stolen by Damitrius, and Japhir (Mimmo Palmara), Captain of the Black Eagle who’s raid on the same villain goes horribly wrong. Story line two starts after a quick visit to Sheba to pick up a couple of slave girls, hence the title, and the discovery that there’s a plot against Japhir. Once back in his home port of Constantinople, Japhir is taken captive and it’s up to Dimitri and a friendly monk to get word to the Sultan before Japhir, or even the Sultan himself, is killed. Once this wild and pretty comical romp is over, it’s back dealing with Damitrius to finish what they started.