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Harem Belly Dance Video

One of the more enjoyable belly dance videos.
Mia Shauri: Bellydance . August 27, 2007 at Aziza’s Birthday Bash. On 3:05 the music stops for a second and starts all over again. She improvised from that moment till the end. At 6:08 the music stops and starts again but she was exhusted, so she made a cute “no no no” sign to finish her performance. Mia Shauri is the Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008 and the 1st Runner Up in Belly Da

Slave Girl dances for King- SALOME DANCE OF THE 7 VEILS

The Princess Salome dances for King Herod in exchange for him giving her anything that she wants. Rita Hayworth as Salome in a scene from the movie Salome. Rita Hayworth is so gorgeous and sultry in this scene, though her weird facial expressions and frantic dance moves challenge our wish to have her as our private dancer. The end of the scene challenges everyone’s relationship with their mother…see for yourself.