One thought on “Slave Girl for sale

  1. She is indeed looking forward to a very very happy harem life, because she is being traded for love and nothing else. One misconception is to mix up slavery with cruelty. They are actually completely nonoverlapping. Some masters may be cruel, just like some cruel husband or father, but that has nothing to do with the institution of slavery, which is as old as the civilization and still very much alive today. Pets are traded in pet shops for love, there is absolutely no cruelty involved. Similarly love-slaves are traded for love and there is absolutely no cruelty involved in it.The master who would love her most will pay the highest to get her possession, which has been the age old tradition of slave auction.
    To make a slave the happiest creature in the world proper grooming in the slave etiquette is essential. Slave etiquette is entirely designed to arouse kindness and affection in the heart of her master. A properly groomed slave makes everybody around her happy, from which she gets her own happiness. A good slaver will always groom and train his slave with patience and care. He will never sell her off unless her training is complete.

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