One thought on “Slave girl collage

  1. In the oriental slavery females were more numerous than males. Both were treated lot more humanly than in the Rome or America and the credit goes to a good extent to Islam. While some of the male slaves became social elites (in India a slave dynasty even ruled for three generations!) Female slaves were on the other hand often loved and cared for like an wife. Therefore love, sex and eroticism were quite common. But these are all intricate arts which need to be taught and nurtured. A young apprentice slave girl had to undergo elaborate grooming and training in the culture of love, care and serve somewhat similar to the daughters of Roman Catholic households. The girls with particularly pleasing and submissive personality willing to learn and serve were chosen to be trained as the best slaves. All honest efforts, including punishments, to make a slave loving and caring were considered to be beneficial for the slave herself, because the more she would be able to make others happy the more she herself would become happy. Contrary to the popular belief sexual pleasure used to form a relatively small part of the curriculum. More time used to be spent on learning singing, dancing, playing instruments, cooking, needle works, gardening, etc.

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