4 thoughts on “Slave Girl Auction

  1. Females are soft and warm and cuddly but the modern-type females of today left me cold so I decided to shun them.

    Let some other sucker impregnate them, attempt to sate their whims, tolerate their emotion-laden illogic.
    Happiness and freedom was and is more important to me than being chained to a female.

    Sure, there ARE a few decent wimmenfolk’ out there but their numbers are far too small, in my opinion, for me to take a chance with any female.

    Witnessing the damage done to males and society in general by females the past few decades I felt compelled to create the Females as Property Movement.

    I have been shocked by the MANY males who have communicated to me that it may actually be necessary to curtail female access to the full gamut of ADULT privileges and rights due to the too-common female inability to accept ADULT responsibilities.

  2. All cultures across all the time have valued highly the love slaves. On one hand they are the most dedicated and loving slaves and on the other they are the most loyal pets (far more loyal than the most loyal dogs). A love slave’s body is uniquely designed for love. The love is most intense in her love organs – lips, milks (breasts) and clits. Unlike other females her love organs are completely free and she is naked for life. In normal girls love organs are restrained by clothing and their freedom is severely restricted by social taboos. Love slaves are completely free from this problem. To transform her body and mind for the deepest love and to transfer all her freedom to her love organs alone a love slave wears permanent slave bracelets behind her back, with the slave oval round her waist. She also wears slave anklets and slave collar. As a true pet she always wears her Master’s chain in her collar and moves with beautiful rhythymic hobbles with her hobbled ankles. All this prepares her both physically and mentally for the deepest form of love – the most submissive love. Total submission makes the mind completely egoless, which is essential for the purest love.

    A love slave learns the art of presenting at her Master’s feet with the love of her lips and begging for His kindness. Her nipples and clits are pierced to wear love rings from the hands of her Master. She is groomed to perform all her household slave duties with her hands joined together in slave bracelets behind her back. Her love, dedication and submission to her Master give her a kind of perfection, unimaginable for any other maid. She keeps her Master’s feet full with the love of her lips. She keeps her Master’s hands full with the affection of her milks. Her clits make love with the fingers of her Master whenever He pleases. She is trained in the art of the most erotic dance possible – the kejel dance. In kejel dance she takes her Master’s fingers in between her labia and dance them round her Master’s fingers following the rhythym of a music. A good slave is trained to kejel dance with many different musics, besides she is an expert belly dancer.

  3. I completely agree that God created females to be soft, warm and cuddly. The most important virtue of feminity is submissiveness. Since this is lost under the pressure of ambition, most modern females make their own life and that of their partner painful. Demand for slaves has gone up, because in them the feminity is guaranteed. Ironically in this age of emancipation more number of girls are bought and sold almost everywhere in the world than ever before in the history. Like prostitution it is illegal but tacitly permitted almost everywhere. Be it Europe, Middle-East or Far-East, the rules have remained the same over the period of time. Slaves are auctioned naked and sold to the highest bidder. In East Europe slave farms have been unearthed where young slaves were kept naked and chained and groomed to be ‘good’ slaves for their future masters. Prices depend not only on beauty and look, but also how good-slave a slave is. ‘Products’ of farms producing good slaves in good number are in high demand in the international market and fetch high premium. Ironically a bunch of females’ liberation is transformed into another bunch’s slavery.

  4. Women would really prefer being enslaved or at least not being considered full adults because it would relieve them of most responsibilities. They just do as they’re told and they can refer anyone who complains to their owner. Responsibility they can’t handle is one reason women today are such bitches.

    The few women who are capable can be emancipated by their owners or families.

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