5 thoughts on “Jennie Slave Girl TV Show from Thailand

  1. To all Dear Viewers of Harem Girl / Slave Girl, Please kindly give me your time for this “Mega Movie” Production that i wish to bring into being…..…i have seen several movies and i just would love to make a new movie depicting the earliest days of the “slave trade”, from the days of the “VIKINGS”,”BARBARIANS”, the “ROMANS”, the “MOGHULS” and the “ARABS” where at point of victory over their enemies specially women are taken forcibly, raped, taught all the erotic ways of sex in pleasing their male masters, if the women were “Muslims”, their “jewel” was clean shaved and perfumed by Musk Oils and they were told that it is HALAL TO GIVE YOUR VIRGINITY AND VIRTUE TO PLEASE THEIR MALE MASTERS and driven into slave markets for sale to Harems, to begin again the role of sexual courtesans where these women will discover that obedience, submission, bondage and ownership are all within the realm of sensual and erotic love.
    Zeba, knows in the harem as she must give her virginity because it is HALAL TO GIVE IT, to submit her “jewel” to the ultimate sign of ownership and allow the most intimate part of her body her “jewel” to be branded and ravished FOR HER OWNER’S LUST, who comes to bed only when he visits her, and does not provide for her existence. A woman who is in a Harem and requires to be fed well with Meat Stew, Zeba lives on frugal meals of only quarter portions of fish per meal, oh!!!!….what a pity.
    In the Harems of their owners who have them for total sexual fulfillment, on a daily basis of sucking their “phallus” and their “jewel” being a subject of continuous onslaught, It has been said that while there are many men who can do the job sexually, there are very, very, very few who are experts in the “art of cunnilingus”.
    Women will do virtually anything for a man who can bring them to countless orgasms weather they are in a harem or not, with his tongue alone. In fact, for many women, know that cunnilingus is the only way they can experience a fulfillment of multiple orgasm’s and Slave Zeba knows that, though she has still not had it, yet she knows that there is only one man who is waiting to devour her and send his twirled tongue deep into the very walls of her “jewel” to excite her into the depths of real sexual feeling and bliss, taking her on a ride to the moon and back with all her hot juices, who can satisfy her totally and make her his Queen, she knows that she is indulging in a twisted game of love trying to condemn this man to a few others so that her worth and mercy amongst them will rise and such benefits would be derived, she knows that these Arabs all have their minds centered around their “Phallus” and its more interesting for her and difficult for him, that’s how women have been born they want to be conquered and laid.

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